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Domain management

If your website is a so-called "multi-offer" according to IVW guidelines, you can use this module to manage the various FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names) of your digital offer (e.g. group/name groupings) as well as view data aggregated via FQDNs (page impressions) for various time periods.

For the exact definition of a multi-offer, please refer to the IVW guidelines, Annex 1.

Domain Management: Functions

In the overview of the module you can see the current evaluation (of the previous day) on the left, optionally the daily as well as monthly aggregation. In the right window you can view the daily and monthly aggregation retroactively until October 2011.

The daily aggregation refers to the previous day. With the tab "Month aggregation" in the left window, you can display the month aggregation of the current month (from the first of the month to the day before the current day).

In the right window, you can view the daily as well as monthly aggregation retrospectively. Please select the appropriate day or month for your data display using the calendar function (top right corner) or by entering the date.

Functions "Grouping

FQDN may be grouped but not locked.

The FQDN you deposited during the registration of your online offer with IVW may be grouped but not locked.


In the dropdown you have the option to group one or more domains. The following selection is available here:

New grouping

Add selected domains to an already existing grouping Groupings only become effective after the groups have been saved. Here it is necessary to justify the grouping to IVW.

Cancel grouping

A grouping can be ungrouped as follows: select corresponding group or mark desired domain in group and select "ungroup".


To lock one or more domains, select "Lock...". A pop-up window will open where you can enter your contact data. For the purpose of designation, only domains of non-company cooperations may be blocked, whose concrete usage figures must be kept secret for contractual reasons. Blocked domains are displayed with a lock as well as crossed out.


To unblock a blocked domain, select one or more blocked domains and use the "Unblock" option.


Removes the selected domains, no further function.

History (grouping)

In the right window (third tab) you will find "History (Grouping)", where you can see the grouping and blocking of the previous month. Changing these groupings/blockings is no longer possible and can always be viewed only for the previous month.

Why are the following URLs in the evaluation?

  • Empty referrer, open domain, not_resolved_referrer
  • Under certain circumstances, the transfer of the referrer cannot be transmitted on the agency side. This can be e.g. with FLASH measurement.
  • Newsletter calls via webmailer
  • Googleusercontent
  • Translator of Google, in which the page is loaded. The referrer contains here additionally the allowed string in the locallist.

Last update: May 23, 2023