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This service may only be commissioned and provided by INFOnline with the approval of IVW.

Scope of services

Filtering out defined measurement pulses at runtime

The App-Filter is used to filter out specifically defined measurement pulses from the measurement at runtime. The definition of an app filter SHALL include the following parameters (filter criteria):

  • Offer identifier of the app
  • Version of the APP incl. naming of the bundle identifier
  • Code
  • Event(s)


  • Offer identifier: mapinfon
  • Version, Bundle-Identifier: 2.0,
  • Code: Start Screen
  • Events: viewAppeared, ViewDisAppeared

Per app filter up to 5 events can be specified to be filtered.

The filter criteria are AND-linked, i.e. all criteria of a measurement pulse must match the criteria for it to be filtered. If the app filter was requested with several events, a filter is created for each event. After activating the filter, all incoming measurement pulses that match the filter criteria are filtered out.


  • the app filter can only be used in the context of measuring mobile applications (apps)
  • the app filter reduces the determined usage of your app
  • the app-filter takes effect universally, i.e. ALL requests are filtered that meet the specified criteria. So it is e.g. not - possible to filter out only 2 of 3 measurement impulses in case of a 3-fold count of an event the filtered measurement pulses cannot be restored afterwards
  • the App-Filter takes effect from the moment of technical activation and ends with the moment of technical deactivation. the App-Filter Service does not include corrections of measured values.

  • the App-Filter Service is a Prio 2 service from the point of view of SZMNG system operations. INFOnline therefore reserves the right to

    • refuse to set up requested filters
    • to deactivate App-Filter without notice in the event of system-critical conditions. In this case you will be informed promptly of the deactivation and the time of a possible reactivation.

Activation and deactivation of App-Filter

Activating the app filter

After the app filter has been applied for, INFOnline checks whether the filter can be set up as desired. This check includes, among other things, whether all necessary parameters have been specified and possible effects on the operation of the overall system.

If the check is successful, INFOnline sets up the filter and informs you and IVW Online about the activation.

If the filter cannot be activated, the INFOnline Service & Support Team will contact you to clarify how to proceed. If an app filter cannot be activated, you will not incur any costs.

Deactivating the app filter

SZMnG determines the number of measurement pulses filtered out by the app filter. Immediately after the end of a calendar month, INFOnline evaluates how many measurement pulses were filtered out in relation to the app's total PI volume. If the app filter affects less than 2% of the total PI volume of the APP in a month, the filter is deactivated within the first three business days of the following month. This verification is only performed if the app filter was set up for the entire calendar month.

Once the filter has been deactivated, you and IVW Online will be notified.

Marginal and general conditions

Registration / Client

As an INFOnline customer, you can commission an app filter for your app. Ordering an app filter for your app is done via the Order Center in the INFOnline Customer Center.

INFOnline will then check the possibility of setting it up within two working days. If the check is successful, the App Filter will be set up and the order confirmed by INFOnline.

Term and termination

The term of the App Filter service shall commence upon setup and shall end as soon as the deactivation described has taken place or the customer contract for the digital offer concerned has been terminated.

The term is determined on a monthly basis. For filters that are set up before the 15th of a month, this month is counted as a full month for the term. For filters that are set up after the 15th of a month, the term begins with the 1st of the following month.

You can cancel the App-Filter Service at any time with a notice period of 5 working days to the end of the month. If the cancellation is made within the first three months included in the initial package, there will be no refund.


The costs for the App-Filter Service are calculated as follows:

Initial package ... 300 Euro

The initial package is mandatory and includes:

  • the setup of the filter
  • monthly verification of the volume and possible deactivation
  • 3 months runtime of the filter

The initial package is charged with 300 € net plus VAT valid on the day of invoicing.

Additional term from the 4th month ... (100 euros / monthly)

If the runtime of the App-Filter exceeds the period of 3 months included in the initial package, 100 € net plus VAT valid on the day of invoicing will be charged monthly from the 4th month runtime.

Last update: May 23, 2023