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NoScript Measurement

Why NoScript Measurement

On the basis of our advertising measurement SZM)+base, a wide range of additional services is available to you - so that page views become real performance values!

INFOnline's advertising media measurement uses JavaScript technology, which enables effective and reliable usage measurement of your website.

But you don't want to use JavaScript technology on your website or want to capture the small percentage of users who don't have JavaScript enabled on their end device?

Our NoScript measurement service allows you to perform the measurement using a plain HTML tag. However, please note that NoScript measurement has technological limitations. Furthermore, you have to apply for exceptions if you are identified by the IVW or if your offer participates in the AGOF study daily digital facts.

Scope of services

The service 'NoScript' allows you to execute the measurement via a pure HTML tag instead of the usual JavaScript technology.

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Please note that the Noscript measurement has technological limitations.

Furthermore, you have to apply for exceptions if you are identified by the IVW or if your offer participates in the agof study daily digital facts.

Order / Assignment

The NoScript Measurement service can be ordered by sending an e-mail to the INFOnline Customer Service Team ( The further procedure until the service is provided is as follows:

  1. INFOnline sends you an exception request form.
  2. you send back the completed and signed exception application form
  3. you receive confirmation that the exception request has been received

INFOnline forwards the request - If your offer is registered with IVW: to the IVW office - If your offer participates in the agof studies: to the agof office

  • The offices involved send the application back to INFOnline with the respective decision.
  • You will receive a notification about the decision of the involved offices.
  • If no objection has been lodged, INFOnline will contact you to clarify the technical implementation.

Following the order, the following requirements will be checked:

  • Are there any reasons that prevent a technical setup?
  • If your offering is registered with IVW: Do you have an approved application for exemption from IVW?
  • If your offer participates in the AGOF studies: Do you have an approved exception request from agof?

If not, the Customer Service Team will contact you to clarify any problems.


As soon as the above requirements have been met, you will receive an email from INFOnline with all the technical information you need to set up the NoScript measurement.

Processing time

The duration of the described process is usually 4-8 weeks.


The term of the NoScript Metering service begins with INFOnline's confirmation to you that the setup in the metering system has taken place and ends with the termination of the service or with the termination of the metering contract for the corresponding digital offer.

Notice of termination

The notice period is always 4 weeks to the end of the quarter. It is sufficient to send an e-mail with the reason for termination to the following address: If you cancel the metering of the digital offer, the service will automatically expire.


All prices described below are net plus VAT. Invoices are issued quarterly in advance.

The costs for the NoScript measurement service are calculated as follows:

1.) Setup For the setup of the service NoScript measurement for your offer a one-time fee of 1.600 € will be charged.

2.) Annual fee The operation of the NoScript Measurement service is charged at 1,600 € per year.

Technical information


Restrictions when using the NoScript measurement

Measurement using the NoScript tag comes with a number of limitations resulting from the lack of JavaScript functionality:

  • no support for surveys
  • no collection of URLs or referrers with privacy-compliant automatic shortening
  • no collection of screen resolution and color depth
  • no consideration of DNT
  • no separation for no-cookie clients hidden behind proxies (iOS devices!)
  • no support for hybrid apps
  • reduced detection of fake or automatic fetches

These technical limitations may have a negative impact on the determined usage values of your digital offering (e.g. lower number of determined clients).

Technical requirements

The prerequisite for correct measurement is that the SZM tag 2.0 is implemented in the NoScript variant according to the documentation. Automatic reloads, automatic redirects and the like must not be counted. In general, only 1 page impression (PI) may be generated per action.


Please note the definitions of the IVW.


The SZM tag 2.0 for NoScript measurement consists of a simple http or https call that is integrated into the body part of the web page.


<!-- SZM VERSION="2.0" --> 
<img src="" width="1" height="1" alt="szmtag" /> 
<!--/SZM -->
  • To ensure correct measurement, the SZM tag 2.0 must be included unchanged in the source code of the web page to be measured.
  • Only the specified variables may be changed.
  • Line breaks, upper and lower case letters must be kept!

Meaning of the variables in the SZM tag

The following variables must be adapted accordingly when integrating the NoScript tag into your web page

abbreviation meaning description
st offer identifier
(site / domain) in the example under 0 marked with offer identifier
The offer identifier assigned to your digital offer; this is created by INFOnline and assigned once; the identifier is a maximum of 8 characters long.
cp Code
Marked in the example under 0 with page code
The code can be freely defined by the provider and is used to identify its published pages in the SZM system.
The code is the basis for subsequent category assignment in the INFOnline Customer Center (KAT 2.0).
The code may contain a maximum of 255 characters and consist only of alphanumeric characters; the following special characters are permitted: ',' '/' '-' '_'.
The sum of active codes for the digital offer should not exceed a total number of 3,000. Use of more than 3,000 active codes is subject to charges.
NOTE: For testing purposes, "cp" can be replaced with "xp". In this case, the requests are discarded by the measuring system.

Last update: May 23, 2023