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Additional codes

Monitoring "over 3,000 active codes"

A digital offer may have a maximum of 3,000 active codes. Active codes are those that have at least 1 page impression within the past 90 days.

Monitoring includes the daily display of the number of active codes on the dashboard of the INFOnline Customer Center. In addition, the number of active codes per digital offer is checked continuously at the beginning of each month, and offers with more than 2,800 active codes are automatically notified.


The service monitoring of the maximum number of active codes cannot be ordered separately, but is provided directly with the registration as well as with the technical setup of your digital offer (=assignment of the offer ID). The customer will be notified by e-mail as well as via the 'Mailbox' modules and the 'Basic Monitoring' portlet in the INFOnline Customer Center.


The Monitoring of Active Codes service is provided as part of the regular customer contract. Accordingly, the term starts with the registration as well as with the regular setup of a digital offer for measurement and ends when the customer contract for a digital offer is terminated.


No separate cancellation is required for this service, if you cancel the metering of the digital offer, the service will automatically expire. The notice period here is always 4 weeks to the end of the quarter and it is sufficient to send an e-mail with the reason for cancellation to the following address:


In the event that the maximum specified number of 3,000 active codes is exceeded, the following fees will be charged per digital offer:

Number of active codes Fees per quarter & digital offer
up to 3,000 active codes free of charge
3,001 - 5,000 active codes 50 €
5.001 - 8.000 active codes 100 €
8.001 - 10.000 active codes 300 €
from 10.001 active codes* 300 €

(*) Please note that data processing, the display of your digital offer and the use of INFOnline Tools will only function if fewer than 10,000 codes are displayed in the Customer Center. If there are more codes, data processing as well as the functionality of the tools cannot be guaranteed.

In case you use too many codes in the Customer Center, please contact the support ( to have the codes deleted from the system. Please note that deletion is a chargeable service. You can also get more information about this from the support.

Last update: February 21, 2023