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Standalone solution: Census measurement fbia (Facebook instant article)

You want to collect the full potential of your data via INFOnline Measurement?

We recommend that you additionally integrate the pseudonymous measurement into your facebook instant article. Please note that participation of your digital offering in IVW reporting or agof studies may require parallel integration of pseudonymous measurement and census measurement in your facebook instant article.

You can find the integration guide for pseudonymous measurement here.


If you activate pseudonymous measurement via the INFOnline Measurement Manager, it is mandatory to have the standalone script integrated in facebook instant article.


  • Relay client container (hosted by INFOnline or self-hosted)
  • Registered domain service name as CNAME (hosted by INFOnline), AAA(A) (self-hosted) DNS entry
  • Site ID (provided by INFOnline GmbH)


A publisher can embed the fbia sensor for census measurement within an iframe in any article by using the Analytics element. Everything in this <iframe> will be executed at the beginning of each article load, but the web view will remain hidden from the reader. This embedding must be included in the <body> of the article and is not supported in the <head> or <footer>. Each <figure> should contain only one <iframe>. If a publisher wants to add more than one tracker, they can put the entire unescaped set of HTML and scripts into one <iframe> or use one <figure class="op-tracker"> for each <iframe>.

<figure class="op-tracker">
    <!-- begin loading of IOMb bootstrap code -->
    <script type='text/javascript' src="//<domain service name>/iomb/latest/bootstrap/stub.js"></script>
    <script type='text/javascript' src='//<domain service name>/iomb/latest/sensor/standalone/fbia/es6/bundle.js'></script>
    <!-- end loading of IOMb bootstrap code -->
      // The URL the user shared
      // (if there are no redirections, otherwise the final URL in the chain)
      IOMb('configure', { st: 'foo', dn: '<domain service name>' });
      IOMb('pageview', { cp: 'bar', fu: ia_document.shareURL });
The following parameters can be passed with the function call IOMb(<command>, parameter):

command abbreviation name type standard length pattern mandatory description
'configure' st site String - 15 ^[a-zA-Z0-9_]*$ yes site identifier
'configure' dn domainServiceName String - - INFOnline CNAME convention1 yes Domain Service Name (CNAME or AAA(A) host)2
'configure' cn country Enum de - no INFOnline country (de or at)
'pageview' cp code String page_code_non-assignable 256 [^a-zA-Z0-9,_/\-?#.] no page code for the IVW Kat 2.0 Association
'pageview' co comment string - 256 /[ -~]/ no optional comment
'pageview' fu fbiaUrl String - URI 3 yes Canonical URL of the digital content

1 INFOnline CNAME convention: /^(data-)([a-f0-9]{10})\.([a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9-_]{0,61})(?:\.([a-z]{2,62}))?\.([a-z]{2,62})$/

2 If the notation of dn / domainServiceName does not match the INFOnline CNAME convention mentioned, no measurement takes place
3 URI schema


Before any events (e.g. pageview) can be measured, the fbia sensor must be configured with the configured command!


The following applies to parameters:
- Not set and the parameter is optional -> default value is used!
- Not set and the parameter is mandatory -> processing is aborted and a message is logged on the browser console in debug mode!
- Each parameter is queried before processing!

No measurement possible

It is currently not possible to measure digital video or audio content within Facebook Instant Articles because the event interface is missing in the Facebook ecosystem for Instant Articles.

Last update: February 11, 2022