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INFOnline data Analysing System (IDAS)

IDAS is INFOnline's leading statistics tool. Take daily updated data for the site (stationary, mobile, app or CTV) you have logged in. IDAS can be accessed through the site or customer login. Of course, you can have a free special login created for you and your service providers.

Evaluate your data, for internal purposes, in a timely and uncomplicated manner.

In IDAS you can manually download your report as CSV or PDF. For automated data retrieval you need the service "XML Download".

Note on the use of data

The performance indicators provided in the statistics tool have not been checked in terms of IVW or agof publication. A publication of the figures from IDAS must not be related to "IVW verified or agof verified". Please use only the published and verified performance indicators from the monthly IVW publication or agof daily digital facts for the publication of the figures.

Your performance indicators for your booked measurement system

Depending on which measuring system you have booked for your site, the evaluation is available to you. Select the corresponding button to view the performance indicators for your site.

INFOnline Measurement Census Pseudonym* Anonymous
Available values: Page Impressions, Visits and PIs/Visits

Key performance indicators from census and pseudonymous measurement
Available values: Page Impressions, Codes and Urls

Measured performance indicators from census measurement
Available values: Page Impressions, Visits, Clients, Codes, Useragents, Devices, Urls

Measured performance indicators from pseudonymous measurement
Available values: Page Impressions, Visits, Clients, Codes, Useragents, Devices, Urls

Measured performance indicators from anonymous measurement

*For ÖWA members there are additional performance indicators available, which are adjusted for the market.

Important information about the Visit

Please note that it is not possible to compare the "Visit/s" performance indicator in the INFOnline measurement and the pseudonymous and/or anonymous measurement.

Data view

Availability of hourly and daily data

The hourly and daily data are now available for 180 days. Special feature of the hourly data: Hourly data can only be selected in a continuous period of 7 days at a time. As soon as a larger period is selected, the time selection automatically adjusts to 7 days.

INFOnline Measurement Census Pseudonym Anonymous
- provisional data (marked red)
- regular data
- regular data
- provisional data (marked red)
- regular data
- provisional data (marked red)
- regular data
Preliminary data

The marked measured values are preliminary data, which will be provided in a timely manner. In a second step, the preliminary data will be analyzed in more detail and, if necessary, measurement data transmitted from an offline use with apps will also be taken into account. The preliminary data of the current and previous day may differ from the final data. The data may still change during finalization to the regular data.

Offline usage of apps If apps are used in offline mode, the measurement of this usage can be transmitted retrospectively in a time window of 24 hours as soon as the end device has re-established an Internet connection. This may result in differences between the data presented in LiveView and Advanced.

Calculation of Visits and Clients Visits and clients are time-based performance indicators that must first be calculated on the basis of the raw data. Therefore, there may be differences in Visits and Clients between the performance indicators shown in LiveView and Advanced. For the periods "last week" and "last month" the performance indicators are available on the 2nd day of the following measurement period ("last month" on the 2nd day of the following month etc.).

Performance indicators in IDAS

Performance indicator Explanation
Page Impressions (PIs) A single usage event, e.g. calling up a web page.
Visits A Visit describes a continuous usage process, limited to 30 minutes. Visits are calculated on the basis of Page Impressions.
Events Events/actions transmitted by an application, e.g. "view-appeared" when opening a news article in an app.
Useragents Browsers / devices used
The useragents can be displayed per site type down to the version of the corresponding browser/device. In the PDF download, only the device types and browsers are displayed. In the CSV download you will find all performance indicators again.
Urls Shortened URL of the web page accessed by the user
Clients The key figure "Clients" is a purely technical figure and indicates which devices or browsers have used the site.
No deductions can be made from the key figure as to how many users have actually used the site.
The key figure "Clients" is not directly related to the reaches reported in the agof studies.

Derivation from "Clients" to "Unique Users" or "Unique Mobile Users" is not possible and not permitted.

The key figure "Clients" may only be used for internal purposes. It is intended to enable the site to conduct its own quality assurance based on the data collected in the INFOnline measurement.

Please note that it is not possible to sum the hourly values to a daily value or to sum the daily values to a monthly value for the number of clients.

The data displayed refers to the average number of different clients per hour or per day and month.

Last update: April 7, 2022