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Getting started iOS INFOnline Libraries

Good to know

Each INFOnline measuring system has its own library. These are to be implemented and initialized individually and independently.

app-measurement: Important to note

With the use of the pseudonymous INFOnline Library Android 2.3.0/iOS 2.4.0 (published 11 January 2022), transmission of the user's consent decision is mandatory. This can be realized by a TCF 2.x-compliant Consent Management Platform (CMP) or a manual consent transmission (OptIn). The user's consent decision is processed directly in the sensor of the INFOnline Library. This means that measurement pulses are transmitted to the INFOnline measuring system only when a positive consent decision has been made by the user.

General information and notes on the pseudonymous SDK

Integration Guide of the pseudonymous SDK

Special integration processes

Last update: May 23, 2023