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Log File Provision / Log File Provision Advanced

Service Description v3.0 | 23.05.2023

Would you like to continuously analyze and optimize your digital offering individually, or evaluate conspicuous features independently in order to optimally improve the content structures of your offering through transparent insight?

You'll receive data privacy-compliant raw log file data with various parameters, such as document referrer, browser type, and INFOnline-typical key figures like code and offer identifier.

In other words: You always have your raw data right in view!

Here, the log lines are expanded to include information on the device used - which means: even more information for you!

Scope of service

As part of the Logfile Preparation service, you are provided with raw logfile data that contains information about the measurement pulses that enter the measurement system for your digital offer. The following parameters are made available to you: document referrer, pixel referrer, browser type, resolution, device information, and the INFOnline-typical key figures such as code, offer identifier, comment, and survey invitation (if integrated).

As part of the Log File Provisioning Advanced service, the log files additionally contain information about the device used, i.e. the log file lines are expanded with the help of a Device Database (DDB).

The files are accessed via a web portal from which you can download the log files manually or automatically.


The Log File Provisioning and Log File Provisioning Advanced services are ordered via the INFOnline Order Center. The service can be booked for any registered digital offering.


  • The raw log data is provided via a web portal.
  • In the setup or confirmation e-mail, the client receives the associated URL and the access data.
  • A separate login is created for each digital offer.

The service as well as the mail with all necessary information will be provided within 3 working days.


For security reasons, no more than 3 data retrievals can be made at the same time.

Data availability

  • For technical reasons, the log files are available with a delay of about 5 minutes.
  • The log file data is stored for a maximum of 7 days, after which the data is the data is deleted from the system.
  • A separate data backup outside this period does not take place.
  • The availability of the log file provision is 99 percent.
  • However, there is no entitlement to subsequent delivery of log file data in the event of technical failures.


The service term applies from the time of setup until the service is terminated or the metering contract for the corresponding digital offer is terminated.

If the log file provision is set up before the 15th of a month, this month is counted as a full month. If the log file provision is set up after the 15th of a month, the term of the service begins on the 1st of the following month.


The notice period is always 4 weeks to the end of the quarter. It is sufficient to send an e-mail with the reason for termination to the following address: If you cancel the measurement of the digital offer, the service will automatically expire.


Invoicing takes place quarterly in advance.

The costs consist of a one-time setup fee of 100€ and an annual fee based on the following assessment basis:

Assessment basis:

New customers = page impressions of the last month of the test phase Existing customers = average page impressions of the 2nd quarter of the previous year

The discount regulation is not applicable to the prices of the Logfile Provision and Logfile Provision Advanced services. All prices are exclusive of the statutory value added tax.

Grading according to page impressions Setup fee Base costs/annual Additional service Advanced/annual
bis 10,000,000 PIs 100 € 100 € 25 €
10,000,001 bis 100,000,000 PIs 100 € 500 € 125 €
100,000,001 bis 500,000,000 PIs 100 € 1.000 € 250 €
500,000,001 bis 1,000,000,000 PIs 100 € 1.500 € 500 €
1,000,000,001 bis 10,000,000,000 PIs 100 € 2.000 € 750 €
ab 10,000,000,001 PIs on request on request on request

Technical information

Logfile delivery

The logfile data can be accessed at

Using HTTP authentication via download, the data transfer is encrypted via SSL.

What do you receive?

  • 5-minute time intervals in gzip format [offer identifier][end of log recording for this file as Unix timestamp].gz_.
  • To be able to identify individual log files and enable automated processing, directory listing is explicitly allowed on the web server.

Logfile data

Data fields in log files of stationary offers, MEWs and apps.

The data fields in a log line are separated by the pipe symbol ("|", for data collected centrally by the measurement system) or ampersand ("&", for data collected by the measurement script "iam.js" or for data supplemented by the measurement system).

In the case of app measurement, additional data is transferred independently by the library (separated by "&") and provided in the log file line in JSON data format ("ae" or "mi").

"ae" native Apps Events in the native part of an app
"mi" hybrid apps events in the hybrid part of an app (e.g. content from web page)

For detailed information, please refer to chapter JSON Data Formats.


The parameters differ depending on the integration Data fields as well as supplementary data are not always filled or available see table section "Public / Optional" and sections "Private..." and "Private / Apps")

Example: Excerpt from log file for a stationary offer (up to INFOnline Measurement pseudonymous version 4.x)

1380279169.3429|| ||OK|000605e97501e61fd50f475930001
|st=infonlin&cp=sus&mg=yes&sv=in&co=ein%20Kommentar&pt=CP& ps=lin&er=N22& %2Fde%2Fkunde‑werden%2F& DE%2FNordrhein‑Westfalen&cb=0007&vr=3&id=qpc1so&lt=1380279168058&ev=&cs=z26cu9& mo=1&la=1380273421|i00=00145b9eb35278f965242b3dc0001%3B5242b4a4%3B53c79048
|Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0

Example: Excerpt from log file for a stationary offer (INFOnline Measurement pseudonymous version 5.0.0 and higher)

1656669479.8712||  ||OK|0031b4618f3877d7e6257d3e80001
|Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Log file provision Advanced

The additional chargeable service "Advanced" extends the single logfile lines with information about the used device using the Device Database (DDB) of 51Degrees.

  • After activating the logfile provision Advanced, the regular logfiles will be enriched accordingly from that point on.
  • No separate login is required.
  • Please check in advance if your interface can handle the extended data

The enhancement of the log lines by the DDB information is composed as follows:

{"PlatformVersion": "10.0", "PlatformName": "Windows", "Browsername": "InternetExplorer", "DeviceType": "Desktop", "BrowserVersion": "7.0"}|DE/Nordrhein-Westfalen

Example: Excerpt from Logfile Advanced for a stationary offer (up to INFOnline Measurement pseudonymous version 4.x)

1380279169.3429|| ||OK|000605e97501e61fd50f475930001
|st=infonlin&cp=sus&mg=yes&sv=in&co=ein%20Kommentar&pt=CP& ps=lin&er=N22&‑werden
|Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0
{„PlatformVersion“: „10.0“, „PlatformName“: „Windows“, „Browsername“: „InternetExplorer“, 
„DeviceType“: „Desktop“, „BrowserVersion“: „7.0“}|DE/Nordrhein-Westfalen 

Example: Excerpt from Logfile Advanced for a stationary offer (INFOnline Measurement pseudonymous version 5.0.0 and higher)

1656669479.8712||  ||OK|0031b4618f3877d7e6257d3e80001
|Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
{„PlatformVersion“: „10.0“, „PlatformName“: „Windows“, „Browsername“: „InternetExplorer“, 
„DeviceType“: „Desktop“, „BrowserVersion“: „7.0“}|DE/Nordrhein-Westfalen 

Explanation of the data fields

Example data Explanation
Collected by measuring system (beginning of log line, separated by pipe)
1380279169.3429 Time stamp (Unix Timestamp) of the measurement pulse in seconds Client IP, shortened by 1 byte
[empty] Content of the HTTP header "X-forwarded-for", usually empty, possibly existing IPs are shortened by 1 byte (here empty) hostname / name of the requested system
OK Status code (possible values: "OK", "N1", "N3"-"N8", "N10"-"N11", may contain multiple values, see below for explanation)
000605e97501e61fd50f475930001 ID consisting of: Four digits of the IAM box number in hexadecimal + 13 digits random number + timestamp in hexadecimal + four-digit serial number of the cookie
Public (set by client via SZM tag or in app, separated by &)
cp=sus Page code (can also be specified by fp= [for Flash], np= [for newsletters], xp= [for test not to be counted]
st=infonlin Offer identifier / app identifier for app measurement
public / optional (optionally set by customer via SZM tag or in app, separated by &, may contain default values)
co=a%20comment comment field
sc=yes MCVD (Multistage Client & Visit Detection) activation (Web/MEW)
ie= vom Kunden (Webseite/Applikation) übermittelter Fingerprint für den Client (hier nicht vorhanden)
mc= Übergabewert für MCLIENT-Verfahren (hier nicht vorhanden)
mg=yes Status Weiterleitung des Aufrufes an das alte SZM-System (Migrationstag)
mo=1 Modus für die Antwort des Systems auf eine Anfrage: Keine Angabe = blank.gif
1 = blank.gif
2 = leeres Script
oc= Code altes SZM-System (Migrationstag) (hier nicht vorhanden)
sv=in State agof survey (values: in, i2, ke, mo). Notice: Available up to version 4.x.
cn=de Describes the country for which the digital content were produced (default „de“). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
Privat (added by measurement script or library, separated by &)
cb=0007 Cube number of our measurement servers delivered the „iam.js“.
cs=z26cu9 Checksum
ev= Events used for app, video and audio measurement.
i3= Information about the 1st-party cookie (MCVD enabled).
id=qpc1so Browser fingerprint: Plugin information and software states transmitted by the browser as Jenkins hash, cf.
lo=DE%2FNordrhein-Westfalen Location as country and state
lt=1380279168058 Local time on client
pt=CP Pixel type for migration day old SZM system unshortened document referrer Document referrer Pixel referrer (accessed website of the offer)
u2= [only with certain browsers (Safari)] unabbreviated pixel referrer (not available here)
vr=412 version of the script "iam.js"
xy=1920x1080x32 resolution & color depth client screen
ct=0000810141 INFOnline consent notation, provided by the INFOnline Mesasurement Manager by using a TCF2.x consent management platfrom (CMP) or by providing it manually to the INFOnline Measurement Manager (Integration Guide).
tb= Determines if the tab was active or in focus when the measuring happens. Currently deactivated but in future usable
ap=0 Flags the technical measurement integration as Google AMP. 0 means no Google AMP integration (values: 0 (default), 1). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
fb=0 Flags the technical measurement integration as Facebook instance article. 0 means no Facebook instance article integration (values: 0 (default), 1). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
dc=web Describes the distribution channel of the digital content (values: web (default), hyb, ctv). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
it=mm Describes the main integration type of the web sensor - Standalone or through INFOnline measurement manager (values: mm (Measurement Manager, default), sa (Standalone)). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
nt=0 Describes the navigation type extracted from the PerformanceNavigation API (values: 0 (default), 1, 2, 3, 4). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
vs=1.0.0 Describes the data schema of the measuring request with a semantic version (String, Beispiel-Wert: 1.0.0). Notice: Available from script version 5.0.0.
uahint=" Not A;Brand";v="99", "Chromium";v="102", "Google Chrome";v="102" Useragent Hints
mv=1.8.0 Measurement Manager version for INFOnline Measurement integrations. (Values: x.x.x or "n.a." (standalone)). Notice: Available from script version 5.1.0. Not available on standalone integrations (value "n.a.").
Private (added by measurement system, separated by &)
la=1380273421 last occurrence of the cookie
mt= Time of registration of the event on the IO measurement server (not available here)
u3= Hash untruncated pixel referrer (not present here)
Private / Apps (only collected by Messlibrary, separated by &)
ae= [Apps native measurement] complex JSON data type, s. ch. 2.5 (not present here)
bo= [Apps hybrid measurement] Unixtimestamp at which the DeviceID was written to the app's browser LSO (not present here)
er= [Apps hybrid measurement] Transmitted error (not present here)
fs= [Apps hybrid measurement] original offer identifier of the web page accessed in the app, st= then contains the app identifier (not present here)
ls= [Apps hybrid measurement] LSO identifier(not present here)
mi= [Apps hybrid measurement] complex JSON data type, s. ch. 2.5 not present here)
Collected by measurement system (end of log line, separated by pipe)
i00=00145b9eb35278f965242b3dc0001%3B5242b4a4%3B53c79048 Value of cookie i00 of the domain ""
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0 User agent string of the used browser Page URL called by the user (HTTP referrer), exception AMP calls
015 Number of the measurement server that received the request
web Type of measurement (currently "web", "mew", "app", "hyb" possible)
OK Result of the check against the locallist (possible values: OK, ERR)
OK Result of the check against the user agent whitelist (possible values: OK, ERR)

Additional data fields in log file provision Advanced

Collected by DDB (end of log file, separated by , )
"PlatformVersion": "10.0", Indicates the version of the operating system used
"PlatformName": "Windows", indicates the operating system used
"BrowserName": "InternetExplorer" Indicates the browser in use
"DeviceType": "Desktop" Indicates the device type, possible entries: Desktop, SmartPhone, Tablet, Mobile, SmallScreen, EReader, Tv, MediaHub, Console
"BrowserVersion": "7.0" Indicates the browser version used
DE/North Rhine-Westphalia Geolocation by DDB

Explanation of the status code

status code meaning effect
OK No Error (If no error occurred, notifications (Nx) are possible) normal
N1 No uuid found, inside ae or mi normal
N3 uuid found, ie set normal
N4 i00-Cookie not set normal
N5 Renew cookie, because of lower serial normal
N6 mi found, ie set (hybrid measureament) normal
N7 ls found, ie set (iPhone hack) normal
N8 no id found, using hash normal
N9 no id found, using hash plus JavaScript fingerprint normal
N10 LSO not accessible normal
N11 fault normal
N12 Marking for IPv6 (preparation for IPv6) normal
N13 Code type was missing in call, it is then set to CP and the default empty code is set (JS functionality) normal
N14 Cookie broken, was set again normal

JSON data fields in app log files

Example: Excerpt from log file for an app

1349866706.1954|| ||OK E1|57d09c28fa217aefe182752f679c1230000|
ae={"library":{"configVersion":"1.1","libVersion":"1.0.0","debug":true,"offerIdentifier" :"iamtest"},"application":"package":"com.infonline.testapp","versionCode":1,"versionName" :"1.0"},"protocolVersion":1,"client":{"platform":"samsung,Galaxy Nexus,maguro,google, tuna,yakju","screen":{"size":2,"dpi":320,"resolution":"720x1184"},"osVersion":"4.1.1", "osIdentifier":"android","uuids":"androidId":"7c607f21b570e99fe9f8d1c6ef8606d", "installationId":"3e35412c254769ea2d829bf6de29f0ba",
"view","network":1}}&ie=57d09c28fa217aefe182752f679c123&st=iamtest&lt=1349866705&ev=view-disappeared&cp=mainscreen&co=einKommentar&xy=720x1184x| |Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.1; Galaxy Nexus Build/JRO03C)| |002|app|OK|ERR

Example: Excerpt from Logfile Advanced for an app

1349866706.1954|| ||OK E1|57d09c28fa217aefe182752f679c1230000|
mi={"library":"configVersion":"1.1","libVersion":"1.0.0","debug":true,"offerIdentifier" :"iamtest","customerData":"xyz","debug":true}, "application":{"package":"com.infonline.testapp","versionCode":1,"versionName":"1.0"} ,"protocolVersion":1,"client":{"platform":"samsung,Galaxy Nexus,maguro,google,tuna,yakju" , "screen":{"size":2,"dpi":320,"resolution":"720x1184"},"osVersion":"4.1.1","osIdentifier" :"android","uuids":"androidId":"7c607f21b570e99fe9f8d1c6ef8606d","installationId": "3e35412c254769ea2d829bf6de29f0ba","wifiMac":"543e8f2c6960651119652a45ce44cd24","imei" :"57d09c28fa217aefe182752f679c123"},"carrier":"","language":"de", "network":1,"country":"DE"},“stats”:{"overallDroppedEvents":0},"events":{"timestamp":1349866705,"state":"disappeared","ad":0,“comment”:”einKommentar”,"paid":0, "category":"mainscreen","identifier":"view","network":1}}&ie=57d09c28fa217aefe182752f679c123 &st=iamtest&lt=1349866705&ev=view-disappeared&cp=mainscreen&co=einKommentar&xy=720x1184x | |Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.1; Galaxy Nexus Build/JRO03C)| |002|app|OK|ERR| {"PlatformVersion": "4.1.1", "PlatformName": "Android", "BrowserName": "Android", "DeviceType": "SmartPhone", "BrowserVersion": "4.1.1"}| DE/Nordrhein-Westfalen

Example: Value of "ae" for an app on Android (reformatted for better readability).


Example: Value of "mi" for an app on iOS (reformatted for better readability).


Explanation of JSON data

Collected by Messlibrary

JSON data structure explanation
application [ae] App version details
client [ae, mi] Client details (OS, OS version, country, language, carrier, etc.)
client/screen [ae, mi] Information about the screen resolution of the client
client/uuids [ae, mi] Div. UUIDs of the client (e.g. "advertisingIdentifier" for iOS or "androidId" for Android)
events [ae] OS event that triggered the measurement pulse
library [ae, mi] Information about the version of the measurement library
protocolVersion [ae] Version of the JSON object
stats [ae] Event handling error

Last update: May 22, 2023