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You can use the contact form to contact the INFOnline Customer Care team, the agof service center or the ServiceCenter IVW digital with a specific question.


You can operate the contact form as follows:

Select service center

Select the contact person to whom the question should be directed: Customer Care of INFOnline, the ServiceCenter IVW digital and the agof service center are available for selection.

Select contact person

Selection of a stored offer, technical or customer contact person.

Subject area

Please make a selection here as to which topic your question relates to. Only after you have selected a topic will the text input field appear in the right-hand window, where you can now formulate your question.

Copy of the message and type of contact

By checking the box at the bottom, you will receive a copy of your message by e-mail. You also have the option to indicate your wish to be contacted - by e-mail or telephone.

Last update: May 23, 2023