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Create code structure

The INFOnline measurement system (IVW reporting) does not serve as a tracking tool, but is oriented towards the IVW category system. A code structure creation as well as the assignment to the IVW category system are necessary so that a comparability of web, app and CTV content is possible. Please note that in addition to the categorization, the language must also be differentiated.

The creation and realisation of the code structure of your site is the basis for being able to participate in the IVW reporting. Important: Please take a close look at the category model.


The code is the variable "cp" in the INFOnline Measurement Library that must be included in your content. Whether the code structure is sufficiently detailed or correctly assigned to the code management is decided exclusively by the IVW office. The measurement includes 3,000 codes by default. Depending on the number of codes by which this sum is exceeded, additional costs will be incurred.

In order to create a code structure, there are different realisation possibilities

1. Code structure based on the menu

In this example you see 11 main menu items and 3 submenu items. The codes for the total of 14 menu items could look as follows:

Codestruktur anhand des Menüs

  • startseite, weltnachrichten, weltnachrichten-politik, weltnachrichten-prominente, weltnachrichten-lebenslust, reisen, bildergalerien, spiele, videos, ueber-uns, impressum, kontakt, login, premium

This would give you the basic framework for the code structure. This can, of course, be expanded as desired. Depending on whether the categorization of the IVW can be depicted in this way, you would be finished with the creation of the code structure at this point. If there are categorical differences in the sub-items, further codes must, of course, be included. It is important that you always keep the category system to one side when creating a code structure.

2. Code structure based on the category model (KAT 2.0, IVW)

To keep track of where exactly a code is included, we recommend always working with talking codes (see the example above). If you prefer to use the category system as a guide, you can also use the following codes, for example: eesonaithnoa-n

This code would mean: Language: English (e), Producer: Editorial source (es), Provision: Online (o), Paid Content: not attributed (na), Format: Image/Text (it), Homepage: Homepage of the service (h), App: Not an app (noa) and Topic: News (-n)

3. Do you have a marketer?

Most marketers already have experience with creating a code structure. Just ask here without any obligation!

Last update: May 22, 2023