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Notes Measurement Manager

Automatic TCF integration

How to transfer the consent information correctly in hybrid apps

In order for the consent information in hybrid apps to be transmitted correctly to the measuring system, it must be transferred both in the WebView and in the library (app frame) itself via a CMP (or comparable). Only when the consent information is transferred correctly can the data be processed in the INFOnline measuring system.

Requirements INFOnline Measurement Manager

The INFOnline Measurement Manager has an automatic TCF 2.x integration. However, there are some prerequisites that must be fulfilled by the publisher.

  • TCF 2.x compliant CMP
  • TCF 2.x API Stub (supplied with the CMP bundle or as a separate bundle)
  • INFOnline Measurement Manager integration in the same frame as the CMP bundle

To optimise the speed of TCF 2.x processing and decision making in the IOM Web Manager, it is advisable to integrate the CMP bundle before the INFOnline Measurement Manager. Any other integration sequence will inevitably lead to delayed execution of sensors and moduls that require user approval.


The following sensors and modules are integrated automatically and at the Publisher's request, depending on TCF 2.x and the information provided by the Publisher:

Type Integration Variant TCF 2.x Vendor TCF 2.x Consent TCF 2.x Purpose
Sensor auto IOMp 730 yes 1, 8
Sensor manual IOMa 730 yes 1, 8

Last update: July 21, 2023