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Log file analysis

Your troubleshooting is time-consuming and often unsuccessful?

Our log file analysis is your personal support for troubleshooting.

Fast analysis of anomalies by INFOnline's Customer Service. Individual inquiries possible at any time Time savings during error analysis.

Scope of service

Within the scope of log file analysis, INFOnline GmbH creates an 8-hour log file recording between 09:00 and 17:00 (CET).

Depending on the type of log file analysis, all requests are subsequently filtered out of this log file recording. Only one type of analysis is included in the price per log file analysis. If you need more than one type of analysis, they will be charged separately.

Order/ Assignment

Logfile analysis services can be ordered via the Order Center. The logfile analysis can be booked for every registered digital offer. When ordering, it is important that you provide us with the following parameters in the order form:

  • Which measurement component
  • Your offer identifier
  • Type of logfile analysis (and the corresponding parameters, such as code)
  • Invoice recipient
  • to which persons the result should be sent (additional e-mail contacts)
  • if necessary a PO number

Please note that in case of any uncertainties and/or queries, the Customer Service Team will contact you by phone or in writing.

Processing time

You will receive the analysis result within three working days (Monday to Friday). In case of delays, you will be informed in writing.


The analysis results will be made available to you as follows:

  • by e-mail or from 10 MB data size by download link
  • File format as csv, Excel format or gzip


For the additional service of "log file analysis" a one-time fee of 100 Euro per order/per type of analysis has to be paid. If you order more than one type of analysis at the same time, you will be charged another 50 Euro per type of analysis in addition to the initial costs of 100 Euro.

Example calculation for an order of several types of analysis:

Service request Costs
Initial log file analysis (e.g. A1 analysis) 100 Euro
+ code analysis 50 Euro
+ further code analysis 50 Euro
+ sv variable analysis 50 Euro
Total costs 250 Euro

All costs are exclusive of applicable VAT. The invoice will be issued after the logfile analysis has been performed.

Types of log file analysis

We offer the following log file analyses as part of the scope of services.

Missing URLs (A1 analysis)

The "Missing URLs" scope of services includes a log file analysis via error code "A1". The error code maps all measurement requests that are discarded due to a missing URL on the locale list.

All URLs of the digital offer to be measured are listed in the locale list, i.e. a digital offer page tagged with the SZM tag 2.0 is only counted if its URL is entered correctly in the locale list. Technically, the "referrer" of the measurement pulse (i.e. measurement pixel requests) is evaluated and checked against the locale list.

FRABO analysis (sv variable)

The FRABO analysis service includes a log file analysis for the SZM tag variable "sv", which is required for AGOF study participation.

When ordering this log file analysis, please let us know which parameter you would like us to analyze for you - e.g. all requests that come in with sv:mo.

Identification of empty codes

A blank code is caused by the incorrect installation of the SZM tag on the HTML page to be measured. Instead of assigning a code name, the corresponding placeholder in the SZM tag is not filled (= empty string), as a result of which the call to the HTML page is transmitted to the measurement system with a so-called empty code.

In order to be able to identify and display transmitted empty codes in IDAS and in the Code Management KAT 2.0 module of the INFOnline Customer Center, INFOnline automatically names empty codes with the character string "Leercode_nichtzuordnungsfaehig" ("empty code_unassignable") when they enter the measuring system. Such codes cannot be assigned in the INFOnline Customer Center. Depending on the traffic on this code, your code assignment rate can be significantly impaired.

Within the scope of the empty code analysis, you will receive the URLs where incorrect integration occurred.

Code analysis

Within the scope of the code analysis service, we provide a log file based on your defined code, containing the following information, for example: Document and pixel referrer, timestamp, variables such as "st", "sv", "co" and "mc".

When ordering this logfile analysis, please tell us which code you want us to analyze for you - e.g. all requests with the code "home".

Please note that only one code per code analysis is included in the costs.

Provision of an 8-hour log file recording

We will provide you with an 8-hour log file recording according to the scope of services. You simply define for us the date and time when this 8-hour log file recording should take place. Please note that we can only provide you with a period within the last 3 days.

We provide you with the data of the 8-hour log file recording as a download link.

Example excerpt from logfile for a stationary offer (SZM measurement)

1380279169.3429|| ||OK|000605e97501e61fd50f475930001 |st=infonlin&cp=sus&mg=yes&sv=in&co=ein%20Kommentar&pt=CP&rf=www.infonl & &ur=www.infonline. de&xy=1920x1080x24&lo=DE%2FNordrheinWestfalen&cb=0007&vr=3 &id=qpc1so&lt=1380279168058&ev=&cs=z26cu9&mo=1&la=1380273421 |i00=00145b9eb35278f965242b3dc0001%3B5242b4a4%3B53c79048 |Mozilla/5. 0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0 ||015|web|OK|OK 

If a desired log file analysis is not listed here, you can of course send your individual requests by e-mail to

Last update: May 10, 2023