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Overview of cross-offer key figures

With your individual offer network, you can view cross-offer key figures in a prepared aggregated display in IDAS.

You receive cross-offer visit key figures and transparent overall key figures for your internal media research.

The available key figures at a glance: Page Impressions, Visits, Clients, Codes and Kat 2.0.

Do you want the data to be made available to you automatically? Simply book the XML download to your offer network!

1 Scope of service

1.1 Order / Assignment

The 'Offer Network' service is ordered via the INFOnline Order Center. In the order form, the ordering party specifies the offer identifiers to be assigned for each offer network as well as the selection of reports to be displayed by the offer network.

The following offer types can be added to an offer network: Web, MEW, App, CTV.

The digital offers to be assigned to an offer network must currently be registered for measurement with INFOnline. In the case of third-party orders, for legal reasons the approval of the offer owner must also be sent by mail to:


A maximum of 20 offer identifiers or a maximum of 20,000 codes can be combined in one offer network.

The maximum number of 20,000 codes must not be exceeded as this may affect the function of the offer network.

1.2 Provisioning

  • The provisioning is done via the statistics tool IDAS.
  • For each Offer Network / Network ID, the principal shall receive from INFOnline a separate login for viewing data in IDAS.
  • Depending on the order placed by the principal, the following key figures can be viewed here for the

offer network can be viewed in IDAS:

  • Page impressions
  • visits
  • clients
  • PIs/Visits
  • codes
  • KAT 2.0

The data provision of an offer network is only based on the aggregated data (no Rohlog evaluation), among other things because of the apps. It is not possible to map the live data.

1.3 Processing time

After receiving the order, the offer network will be provided within 5 business days on a regular basis. The duration of the setup can vary depending on the number, scope and key figures of the offer networks as well as in the case of any necessary approvals. In this regard, the Principal shall receive notification from the INFOnline Customer Service Team by e-mail.

1.4 Data availability

For technical reasons, the bid network key figures are available in IDAS on the basis of aggregated measured values (no raw log evaluation) - with a delay of 2 days. A mapping of the live data is not possible. Example: Data for 01.01.2020 is available in IDAS on 03.01.2020.

1.5 Service life

The service term applies from setup until the service is terminated or until the metering contract for the last digital offer included in the offer network is terminated. If the service is set up before the 15th of a month, this month shall be counted as a full month. For offer networks established after the 15th of a month, the term of the service shall begin on the 1st of the following month.

1.6 Changes to existing offer networks

The Customer may order changes to its existing offer networks by sending an e-mail to:

Each change will be carried out for a fee. All costs for the service 'Offer network' are listed in chapter 1.8.

The change will be implemented regularly within 5 working days. The duration of the implementation can vary depending on the number and scope of the changes as well as on any necessary approvals. Possible changes to an offer network are:

  • Adding or removing quote identifier(s).
  • Posting or removal of additional key figures in IDAS
    • page impressions
    • visits
    • clients
    • codes
    • KAT 2.0

If all offer IDs are removed from a network, the network ID can be regularly deactivated by the client by mail on the next possible termination date.

1.7 Termination

Networks / network IDs can be terminated by the customer with a notice period of 4 weeks to the end of each quarter - informally with indication of the respective network ID - and gladly also with reason for termination - by mail to:

If the contract for basic measurement for the last digital offer included in the offer network is terminated by the offer holder, the 'Offer Network' service will automatically expire.

1.8 Costs

1.8.1 Basic costs for provision of offer network

The costs per offer network / network ID consist of a one-time setup fee and an annual fee, depending on the number of offer IDs per network ID. Billing takes place quarterly in advance. Changes in the number of service IDs during the year are continuously checked at the end of the quarter and taken into account in the next billing. An adjustment of the costs for past performance periods of the service 'offer network' does not take place.

All prices quoted are exclusive of the currently valid VAT.

The price scale is as follows:

Price scale Number of offer IDs per network ID Setup costs (one-time) per network ID in price scale Lump-sum quarterly fee per network ID in price scale Annual fee per network ID in price scale
1 up to 5 100 € 250 € 1000 €
2 6-25 100 € 312,50 € 1250 €
3 26-50 100 € 375 € 1500 €
4 from 51 100 € On request On request

1.8.2 Service fee for changes to existing offer networks

For changes to the offer portfolio or key figures, we charge a service fee of 50 euros per offer network / network ID for the change order. The service fee will be billed on the next 1st of the following month.

Last update: May 22, 2023