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Checklist Integration INFOnline Measurement for Web

Setup of your digital site

  • Setup email 2 with CNAMEs received, CNAMEs stored in your domain administration
    (For selfhosting this point is omitted) .
  • Email received with subject "Setup completed". 

Integration INFOnline Measurement


Vendor 730 INFOnline with the appropriate purposes stored in your TCF 2.x compliant CMP (If you are not using a CMP, please contact our technical support at

  • Code structure prepared (for parameter cp)
  • Decision for standard integration (For integration via Google Tag Manager follow these instructions)
  • Implement head part of the page code and replace placeholders
  • Add configuration of INFOnline Measurement Manager with three required parameters ( st, dn, mh ) in Body part (Without mh for customers migrating to new measuring system only)
  • Insert pageview command with required cp parameters

Additional measurement methods (optional)

You want to measure additional variants (AMP, newsletter, Facebook Instant Article)

  • Implement census measurement
  • Implement pseudonymous measurement

Verification of integration

  • Successfully sent request visible with DevTool: - census - pseudonym
  • Measured values available in IDAS

Last update: July 19, 2023