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IOMb Hybrid Measurement

The IOMb library is able to measure the usage of hybrid apps, i.e. user actions within mobile content, which are displayed in so-called WebViews, can also be captured and merged with the measurement data of the native app frame.


The prerequisite for this is that the IOMb Web Sensor has been integrated into the web pages accessed via the WebView.

Also, the WebView provided by the IOMb Library must be used to merge the two sets of measurement data from the app measurement and from the MEW measurement. The app and the MEWs called from the app must use different site IDs assigned by INFOnline.



Hybrid apps usually obtain external web content from websites that are optimized for mobile device use. These websites are referred to as MEW (=mobile enabled website) in this document. If your hybrid app draws content from a stationary website (optimized for PC and notebook use), all conditions described here (see code management hybrid apps) apply.

To enable measurement of hybrid apps, web pages in the app must be accessed through a special WebView.

To do this, each time a WebView is initialized in the source code, an IOLWebView must be created instead of a standard WebView. After that, the view can be treated like a regular WebView. An IOLWebView derives directly from the WebView, does not provide any new APIs to the outside and thus behaves completely transparent.

Last update: May 23, 2023