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What is the difference between hybrid and native app measurement?

Before tagging an app with INFOnline Measurement, you should consider whether you have a native or hybrid app. The term hybrid and native app refers to the type of content delivery within an app.

What is a native app?

With a native app, the content is provided exclusively for the app. It is not loaded via a website.

What is a hybrid app?

In a hybrid app, the content is displayed completely or partially from a website (e.g. mobile website) within the app.

Does the INFOnline Library always have to be integrated for data collection?

Yes, regardless of whether it is a hybrid or native measurement, it is mandatory to integrate the INFOnline Library.

For which devices is the app measurement available?

Android and iOS

Both methods in overview

method Content origin Integration of INFOnline Library necessary? site ID necessary?
nativ App-specific, content generated only for the app yes App only
hybrid App-specific and/or content content through a website, e.g. mobile website yes App and MEW
Further questions?

Do you need more information about our INFOnline Measurement? Are you unsure which methodology applies to your app? Please contact our Customer Service Team. By email at or by phone at 0228/41 0 29 77 (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

Last update: February 21, 2023